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Glucobetic (90 Capsules)

Healthy Blood Sugar - Glucobetic (90 capsules)

90 capsules

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Glucobetic is the most comprehensive natural product available, with an exclusive formula of 11 nutrients to provide nutritional support for an efficient metabolism of blood sugar.



Controlling blood sugar is extremely important


Research studies in the United States and abroad found that improved control of blood sugar is beneficial for individuals with diabetes type 1 or type 2. In general, for every 1 point reduction of A1c, the risk of developing diabetic complications (eye disease, kidney and nerves) is reduced to almost 40%. American Association of Diabetes


Is now a great time to focus on fitness, a healthy diet and keep your blood sugar under control. Glucobetic is to help you achieve the appropriate level of blood sugar.



"Diabetes, perhaps more than any other chronic disease, should be largely controlled by the patient." Biologist and medical author Gretchen Becker USA Today April 16, 2002.





Balancing your blood sugar is now simpler than ever.


The specific ingredients are used by doctors and naturopaths for their patients. However, these ingredients have never been available in a single formulation. Would need to buy three or four different products to match the strength, power and the wide range of ingredients such as those found in Glucobetic.


It is a nutritional supplement - not a drug or a drug diabetic. This exclusive formula favors and encourages the body's natural mechanisms to balance blood sugar rates.


The most effective strategy against the degenerative effects of high blood sugar is an integrated approach.


We would like to inform that a treatment for diabetes is about to happen. But we cannot, because it is not true. However, regime changes and lifestyle with nutritional supplements can make a difference in helping your body regulate and balance.





What is the dosage?


Start by taking a tablet twice daily between meals. The dosage may be increased to three tablets a day if necessary. Try not to miss doses; the beneficial effects are more apparent.


How many tablets are in the jar?


The bottle contains 90 tablets. It is a supply of 45 days for those who take 2 tablets daily or 30-day supply for those taking 3 tablets a day.


Sure if I take my medicine?


We suggest copying the ingredient list (ingredients Glucobetic) and show it to your doctor. One of the main reasons why we ask you to see your doctor is because only he or she knows your overall physical condition and health history. Several of our customers use this product as an integrated approach to balance your blood sugar. A healthy diet, exercise and nutritional supplements along with medicines prescribed by your physician can be a sensible strategy for better health.


NOTE *** Consult your healthcare professional before using this product if you are pregnant, nursing or taking medication for diabetes. This is not a treatment for diabetes or a replacement of insulin. They should not stop taking any medicine without diabetic your doctor's approval.



Take one tablet twice daily between meals or as directed by your healthcare professional. The dosage may be increased up to three tablets per day as needed.



Each ingredient has the merit individually but receive the combined benefits of each of the 11 floors potent, minerals and herbs in a single product. Now you can get the benefit of this product based on research and a trusted source.


Supplement Facts:


90 Tablets

Each tablet provides:


15 Mg Zinc (gluconate)

240 Mg of GTF chromium (polynicotinate)

10 Vanadyl sulfate Mg

200 Mg wild Gymnema Extract

200 mg of bitter melon extract (Momordica charantia)

100 mg extract of Fenugreek (Trigonella Foenum-graecum)

40 mg of bilberry extract (Vaccinium Mytillus)

30 mg of cinnamon extract (Cinnamon Verum)

75 Mg of Jambolan (Syzgium Cumini)

200 Mg of Pterocarpus marsupium

50 Mg of Gulvel (Tinospora Cordifolia a)



Other Ingredients: Cellulose, Rice Powder, stearate.

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