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Stronger Harder Erections - Passion Rx (30 Capsules)

Stronger Harder Erections - Passion Rx (30 Capsules)

30 Capsules

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Passion RX by Physicians Formula helps you have better sex through more intense orgasms, increased libido, and improved erectile function.





Formulated by doctors

Developed by Ray Sahelian, M.D.

One bottle can last several months

This is a fantastic and safe supplement with all natural ingredients

It has been proven to work by the people who use it



This version is effective and has a positive effect on the accumulation genital libido, senses and erectile function. Take 1/2 pill the first time if you are sensitive to plants or drugs or are older than 50 years. Many people prefer a progressive sexual enhancement and more natural for several days using low dosages since this minimizes side effects as a stimulant.



What you may consider:


Most men who take this supplement reported harder erections, longer and more durable, pleasure, a stronger libido and orgasms more powerful and more frequent. Most women reported greater sexual desire, better sensations and intense climax.


Ray Sahelian, M.D. widely recognized as an expert in sexual supplements, which were cited by Newsweek, USA Today and several times on CNN, NBC, CBS and other major media TV. He is the author of many natural sex stimulants and aphrodisiacs has researched the plant for more than a decade.





Take 1/2 Passion Rx capsule at least 20 minutes before breakfast (as soon as you get up in the morning). Open the capsule, empty half into a glass with a little bit of water or juice. Save the rest of the capsule for another time.


One option is to use 1/2 capsule daily for 2 or 3 days and then take a break for a day or two before resuming at either a lower or higher dosage depending on your initial response.


For long term use, take every other day, or every third or fourth day.



How fast will this product work?


Some users have reported effects after only a few hours, while others began to operate on the second or third day. Those with very low libido or low sexual function may need to 1-2 weeks to take into account the full effect.



This product is made by a GMP certified manufacturer. There are no hormones or drugs. The herbs include:





Coleus Forskohlii



Horny Goat Weed



Mucuna Pruriens

Muira Puama

Passion Flower





Tongkat Ali

Tribulus Terrestirs

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