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MagiComb Electronic Lice Comb for head lice

MagiComb Electronic Lice Comb for head lice

1 MagiComb Lice brush

MagiComb is a revolutionary concept for the extermination of lice.
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MagiComb is a revolutionary new concept in head lice removal. This internationally patented electronic combing device has been designed to eliminate head lice and their eggs.





It eliminates and prevents head lice.

It can be used weekly to prevent any more infestations while not harming hair.

Will not pull or tear hair.

Will not pierce the skin.

The vibrating teeth feel like a gentle scalp massage.

MagiComb is comfortable to hold.

MagiComb can be used over and over again.

Economically MagiComb is a real money saver.

MagiComb takes less time to use than other combs.

Used by public schools throughout the USA.


In addition, it will prevent further infestation. It is a professional quality comb made of high-quality materials. The teeth on the comb are more closely spaced and remove even the smallest lice and nits.


MagiComb's teeth are more closely spaced than other combs, and remove even the smallest lice and nits. The teeth are removable and can be easily cleaned between uses. Extra sets of teeth are available if you are treating several children at a time. Simply soak one set of teeth in hot soapy water or alcohol while using the second set. Be sure the teeth are dry before reusing.




1.) Remove purple knob at the back of the comb and insert two C cell batteries.

2.) Thoroughly brush hair with personal hairbrush to remove tangles.

3.) Section the hair into 1 to 2 inch sections and begin combing with MagiComb.

4.) Start at the scalp and work toward the ends of the hair. If hair is very curly or thick, it may be easier to start combing at the bottom of the hair and work up to the scalp.

5.) Continue to comb through all the hair in 2' sections.

6.) Clean away any nits caught in the teeth by using a small brush or rinsing comb teeth with warm soapy water.

7.) Clean and dry after each use.

8.) Do not soak MagiComb device in water. Only the MagiComb teeth should be removed and cleaned.

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