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Thinning Hair - Hair Growth Tonic 4oz.(120ml)

Super Wonder hair growth tonic to re-grow hair

4 oz,120 ml

Super Wonder Tonic is an all-natural hair growth tonic to re-grow hair
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If you are bald, balding, or have , you must read this! The Super Wonder Company has developed an all-natural hair growth tonic that when used as instructed, will grow hair. This is the absolute truth! There is no need for surgery, hair replacement, or prescription medication. There are no harmful side effects like the loss of libido which occurs with many prescription drugs. The Super Wonder growth tonic contains 99% natural herbs. Imagine only having to wash your hair and apply a hair tonic twice a day for a few months in order to experience permanent results. By using the Super Wonder hair products you will grow hair naturally and permanently. This is not a gimmick! The all-herbal formula will not damage existing hair and there are no side effects. If you are wondering just how long this program will take to work, please view the information below: AGE TIME 20-30 1-2 Months 30-40 1-3 Months 40-50 1-4 Months 50-60 1-5 Months 60-70 1-6 Months In many cases, people may see results sooner. Please remember, individual results may vary from person to person. Ingredients: 99% Herbal, 1% Fragrance Directions: Wash your hair as instructed with Super Wonder Scalp Enrichment Shampoo. Rinse and pat dry gently. When hair is practically dry, apply small amounts of Hair Restoration Tonic to scalp and hair. Allow to dry naturally. For this treatment to work it is absolutely necessary to follow the instructions completely. it is also essential that only Super Wonder products be used during the hair restoration program. Contents: One 4oz(120ml) bottle of Hair Restoration Tonic by Super Wonder Why buy from us? We strive to meet high customer service expectations and we offer fast shipment. Our contact information is readily available on our ' Americanlifestyle' section. You can contact us via phone, email, fax, or mail. Beware of those companies that only give their email address, because they will give you the run around. You get it all from Americanlifestyle; low price, quality product, and excellent customer service! We ship International! . You can verify the amount of your purchase in your national currency with the Currency converter

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