Patches for Hips & Thighs (3 Envelopes)

3 Envelopes & each envelope has 2 patches (1 for each hip or thigh)
The Cellulite Patches may reduce the cottage cheese appearance of unsightly cellulite and your hips and thighs will have a softer, smoother look.


Euro 22.06



Use three (3) treatments per week until you have desired appearance you want, then use only once a month to maintain your more beautiful hips and thighs.


Open the package using scissors on the seam. Remove the cellophane on one side only. Apply the patch to the body area keeping the cellophane on the outside of the patch (the sticky, exposed side touching your skin).


Leave in place for a minimum of one (1) hour to a maximum of eight (8)hours.


You can wrap yourself in ace bandages or saran wrap to keep the patches tight and put on leggings or sweat pants and wear up to 6 hours. Exercise, walk, bike etc. Body heat activates the ingredients.



Morsuit, Peg 600, Peg 1500, Caramel, Horse Chestnut, St. John's Wort, Bladder Wrack, Burdock, Ivy, Helix, Yarrow, Hawthorn, Vitamin C and Vitamin B Complex.

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