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Breast Shaping - Breast Plumper

Breast Enhancement - Firming Breast Patch (8 Patches)

4 Envelopes (Each envelope has 2 patches, one for each breast) 8 patches total

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Breast Plumper is a chest firming patch, useful after weight loss or childbirth. Extreme weight loss in the breasts tend to make the breasts sag and look deflated. THIS PATCH WILL PLUMP THE BREASTS, EVEN AFTER BREASTS SEEMS TO HAVE LOST THEIR ORIGINAL SHAPE! Beauty Patches will renew the shape of the breast. This product will not reduce or increase breast size, it will enhance the breast by making them look more cosmetically appealing. HISTORY OF THE BREAST PATCH The Breast Patch was developed 20 years ago in Italy. The original applications were medical, to increase the potential for healing of skin trauma. These patches were used for both pre-surgical and post-surgical applications. The results were so extraordinary in medical applications that they were presented to the cosmetic industry for application on healthy skin. HOW THEY WORK The Breast Patch and all other patches are activated by body heat. The patches are electrically neutral and chemically inactive. The skin is electrically charged and chemically active, which causes the botanicals to activate with body heat and provide intense hydration to the skin and tissues creating a plumping effect. SALON TREATMENT These patches are used by beauty salons and spas in a one hour treatment with hot pads. The client may leave the salon wearing the patch and continuing the treatment. This is why it is suggested that breast patches be applied under the woman's bra, to maintain the position of the patch during activity. The patches are truly magical in healing and renewal. INGREDIENTS Malt, Glycerin, Peg 400-1500, Horse Chestnut, St. Johns Wort, Arnica, Ivy, Bladder Wrack, Vitamin C and B Complex. These ingredients increase blood supply and circulation to the breast, which result in a smooth, soft, plumping effect. . SUGGESTED USE Three (3) times per week until the desired breast shape is achieved. Then once a month for maintenance. DIRECTIONS For Breast area: Open the package using a pair of scissors on the seam. Remove the cellophane from one side of the patch only (the sticky, exposed side of the patch touching directly on the skin) then, put a bra on over the patch to keep it in place. Exercise, walk, bike etc.. body heat activates the product... or apply a heat source to the patch such as a heating pad if you are not going to exercise. Leave the patches in place a minimum of 60 minutes and a maximum of 6 hours. Ideally you should initially apply the body treatment patches three times in a week and combine with exercise and a healthy diet. Most women will notice a change after a single application. When desired results are achieved, maintain with application once every other week. The Breast Patch can be applied as often as desired without any adverse effects. Use them every other day). OPTIONS · 1) Four (4)envelopes (8 patches) = $26 ($6.50 each envelope) · 2) Eight (8)envelopes (16 patches) = $44 ($5.50 each) · 3) Twelve (12)envelopes (24 patches) = $62 ($5.17 each) · 4) Twenty Four (24)envelopes (48 patches) = $98 ($4.08 each envelope) CONTENTS Select from the options list below: You can order from 4 to 24 envelopes. Each sealed envelope contains two (2) patches, one for each breast. For example if you order Eight (8) envelopes there will be 16 breast patches in total. Use one patch for each breast (8 envelopes is a two week's supply) Use them every other day). We ship International! . You can verify the amount of your purchase in your national currency with the Currency converter

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