Anal-ESE Cream

0.5 oz, 15 ml
Anal-ESE is a special lubricating cream to desensitize the anal area during anal penetration, to allow a pleasant experience without any pain


Euro 12.73

Anal-ESE is a special lubricating cream designed to desensitize the anal area during anal penetration, to allow a pleasant experience without any pain.



Possible benefits:



Less painful anal penetration

Anal Lubricant

Compatible with condoms

Cherry Flavored


For an enjoyable and comfortable anal sex!


This product is designed to ease the way to complete the anal enjoyment. Anyone who wants to experiment with all types of anal play can enjoy the options that this anesthetic cream can.


There are many ways to enjoy the anus erotically. Some people are not very open to experimenting with this body part because they fear they will have a lot of pain. This is not true if you are well prepared. Anus should be used for sexual activity, as well as the vagina.


Most women remember the first time you have vaginal, as a painful experience. But this prevents them from having sex? In almost all cases, the answer is No!


Anal sex requires practice to get used to the activity. Often, the problem is that the receiver is too tight, it can cause the sphincter to tighten and cause pain.


This product helps relax the sphincter and relaxes the nerves, making first anal sex moments more enjoyable and comfortable!


The cherry-flavored cream is thick enough to double as a lubricant and to ensure a smooth and satisfactory penetration at all times. Bring it to bed and experience all the pleasure you have been afraid to try!


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Apply the cream. Allow to penetrate for a few minutes to slightly desensitize the area before sexual activity.



10% benzocaine a flavor base containing glycerin, sodium saccharin, New Rose Dye, FDC Yellow # 5 (Tartrazine), PEG - 3350, PEG 400, and Cherry flavor.


Is anal sex safe?


Anal sex involves manual stimulation, oral or anal penetration. When a man inserts his penis into the anus of your partner, it may be pleasant, but it can also cause discomfort to the couple, and even pain. The muscle found in the rectum is pulled to stimulation, which causes even though the penis is inserted gently and slowly, especially bothersome. If penetration into the anus is forced, you can cause injury. Therefore, it is advisable to use a lubricant to not cause injury.


I have never tried it before. Why should I?


You'd think the anus is the least attractive part of the body. Go out there and bowel waste is not something that at first glance may seem exciting. However, when it comes to sexuality, the anus is also starring in the lives of many couples. For some, having anal sex, it is a way to experience and others find it really enjoyable. Some couples might have tried it by having desires to innovate in their sex life, and did not like them. But as they say, "at least they tried."

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